Boston Children’s Hospital Researchers Launch Start-up to Offer Enterprise-grade Software Solutions and Services Across the Digital Healthcare Ecosystem

New spinoff provides highly performant, scalable, and cost-effective natural language processing applications for information extraction and data structuring from electronic health records.

Researchers from Boston Children’s Hospital announced today the launch of Wired Informatics, providers of next generation, enterprise-grade natural language processing solutions to hospitals and other healthcare industry environments.

Established to meet the growing need for innovative data solutions for electronic medical and healthcare records, Wired Informatics addresses the problem of extracting information and structuring data that has overwhelmed providers of all sizes, from physician networks and universities to insurance and medical transcription services.

“There has been a tremendous increase in demand for relevant enterprise-ready natural language processing solutions specifically tailored for the clinical domain,” said Dr. Guergana Savova, Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School, Principal Investigator of the Natural Language Processing Lab at Boston Children’s Hospital, and a founding advisory member of Wired Informatics, LLC.

“It’s exciting to see how basic research in computational linguistics has been applied to electronic health records (EHRs). Machine understanding of the narrative texts that we, as clinicians, use to communicate with one another in the EHR is proving to be essential for a much more precise and clinically relevant understanding of our patients. This is true both for biomedical research and for clinical care,” said Director of Boston Children’s Hospital’s Informatics Program Isaac Kohane, MD, PhD.

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