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MaxNLP – NLP for Secure Communications

MaxMD and Wired Informatics have partnered to bring you MaxNLP™, a scalable knowledge extraction engine to summarize any payload, including CCDs, exchanged via the Direct Protocol. Wired Informatics is a pioneer in clinical NLP. This partnership supplements MaxMD’s HISP with Invenio™ advanced clinical Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform which can parse bloated incoming or outgoing messages and develop precise clinical summaries of desired attributes and semantic types as requested by our clients.

Future of secure clinical communication combined with the power of NLP to make accurate decisions faster, MaxNLP

MaxNLP™ can also identify context-based attributes such as Negation, Subject, Generic mentions, relationships, etc. contained in the unstructured text. Whenever a user sends or receives CCDA via Direct, or virtually any type of digital payload , MaxNLP™ will process the structured and unstructured data of the CCD to generate the summary in real-time and deliver it along with the original file. This allows the user to highlight relevant information for a possible Medicare patient whose CCD might be hundreds of pages long. Thus, MaxNLP™ offers a high degree of configurability and scalability to achieve business objectives when dealing with large volumes of clinical data.

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NLP + Hadoop = next generation data mining

We are excited to be delivering next generation big data solutions with Hortonworks. Enabling the creation and utilization of health data lakes for solving critical challenges with reporting, operations efficiency, population health management and advanced care management for healthcare institutions. Check out the details on our Hortonworks partner page.